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About us

There are many economic institutes, management consultants, "think tanks", futurologists etc.
But only one competence center for attractive employers: attraktive-ARBEITGEBER.com.

attraktive-ARBEITGEBER.com is a service provider.
Together with successful partners, we enable you as an employer to be competitive and fit for the future.

We make urgent need for action visible to you and help you make the right decisions to successfully bring your today`s "corporate values" into the future.

The range of services of attraktive-ARBEITGEBER.com covers a variety of topics. The employer information service ("Arbeitgeber Informationsdienst") and the offer for employer advice are publicly displayed and recommended.

Employer Information Service ("Arbeitgeber Informationsdienst")

Employer Advice


attraktive-ARBEITGEBER.com forms the most valuable ecosystem for company decision-makers in the German-speaking economic area.

Under the guiding principle "Making the future possible and shaping it successfully", committed employers can network at eye level and pursue common goals, secure their future. Selected "employer advisors" are available to interested parties if required. They accompany and support success-oriented "in good as in bad times".

Community of values

The users / readers of our employer briefing are not "target groups" for us, but partners.

Our employer briefing is an expression of this new coexistence.
Independent, ad-free information, forecasts based on experience from entrepreneurial practice, expert advice "from entrepreneur for entrepreneur".